Years ago patients were concerned that you would see the old dark-colored fillings but with the new generation of restorative materials you can place white fillings which are strong and that will give many years of good use. In our office, we only place tooth-colored restorations (white fillings) which are just as strong as the silver fillings and look better in the mouth.

Preventative Care

We recommend that you have a professional cleaning at least twice a year. In some cases where oral hygiene is a problem we may suggest that you clean your teeth cleaned on a 3-4 month interval. A fluoride treatment is given during the cleaning visit to help with the prevention of tooth decay. The fluoride is given in the form of a rinse or painted directly onto the teeth. In cases where the patient is present with a lot of… Read More

Type of Extractions

There are basically two types of extractions; simple or surgical. Simple A simple extraction is the type where there is no extra bone or tissue impinging on the tooth. These teeth can be removed by slightly elevating (moving) the tooth and removing it with a forceps. Surgical The other types are surgical extractions which you commonly see with wisdom teeth (which are the 3rd molar at the back of the jaw). A partially impacted wisdom tooth is when the tooth… Read More