Removable Dentures

A removable bridge or partial denture can be removed from the mouth by the patient for cleaning; these can be made up of metal or plastic depending on the advice of the dentist. They are usually attached to the teeth by metal clasps, but in certain cases where esthetic are a concern a claspless removal denture can be made.


Bahamas Dentistry DenturesInserting and removing the new removable bridge takes some practice. However over time your mouth usually becomes adjusted. These should be removed and cleaned once a day and you should not sleep in these removable dentures. When the removable is out of your mouth it should be stored in water and denture cleaning solution.

Advantages of removable partial compared to fixed bridge work:

  • Usually easier to repair
  • Less expensive


  • They tend to be less stable than fixed bridgework
  • They can break and be lost because the patient is able to remove them
  • Some people find them uncomfortable