Nutrition in Dental Health

Dental health is influenced by a number of factors, including food choices and dietary preferences. It is commonly known that tooth decay involves the interaction of saliva, oral bacteria, fermentable sugars and the tooth. The interaction of these factors over a period of time causes the development of tooth decay. Refined sugars found in confectionery and many snacks are used by oral bacteria to produce acid but at varying rates. Therefore, it becomes important to consider all fermentable sugars when… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions about Oral Health

Why is your dental health important? Dental health is very important because the mouth is the window to the body. Many illnesses can be diagnosed by examination of the oral cavity. These illnesses include Diabetes, Hypertension and HIV. Scientists have also determined certain links between periodontal (gum) disease and strokes and cardiovascular accidents. It is now also known that there is some correlation between periodontal disease and preterm labour and low birth rates. It is therefore very prudent to monitor… Read More

Oral Cancer and The Mouth

Early detection of oral cancer can be achieved by regular examinations of the mouth by a health care professional. Tissue changes in the mouth that might signal the beginnings of cancer often can be seen and felt easily and appropriate action can be taken. The oral cavity and oropharynx has many parts. It consists of your lips; lining of your cheeks; salivary glands; roof of your mouth; back of your mouth; floor of your mouth; your gums and teeth; and… Read More